sharing Japan's creative Process

How might we improve the process of organizing an online video podcast conference?

The project was inspired by my love of Japanese film and the creative process here in Japan. While I was studying in design school in Europe I realized creatives were interested in exploring the world of creativity in Japan, especially through the medium of film.

The Cine Japan Summit project has  carefully curated a team of film directing professionals to share unique knowledge on the Japanese film industry. The aim was to design a simple page driven by content that would simplify the process of communicating and conducitng an online event.


High Fidelity web design


The process began by framing the problem with a “how might we statement.” Afterwards I conducted user research and competitive analysis. The data allowed me to create two primary user stories, create wireframes, website mock up, and conduct usability testing.

The usability testing revealed the aims of the event were not clear so the content had to be redesigned for how people really use the web, which is mostly scanning.  The content was reformatted into smaller easily reader blocks with bold titles that told a clear story about the event.



Website and Content Design



UX/UI Design, conduct user research, create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, and prototype



Sketch + Craft

Post-it Notes