cine japan summit

simplifying the online conference

How might we simplify the online conference through content design?

The project was inspired when some of family and friends came to visit me here in Japan. Everyday I found myself hacking together a list of top ten sushi restaurants with various apps. 

Research Insights: First, almost all users navigated to restaurants by using Google maps as a standard. Second, the majority was concerned about experience in terms of authenticity, atmosphere, and price. The source for this information was crowd sourced rankings and reviews from apps such as Yelp and Trip advisor. Third, a high percentage of users choose salmon and tuna as their go to choices for sushi, which revealed a lack of sushi knowledge.


High Fidelity Wireframes


The process began by framing the problem with a “how might we statement.” Afterwards I conducted user research and competitive analysis. The data allowed me to create two primary user stories, create wireframes, an InVision prototype, and conduct usability testing.

The project provided some challenges, usablity testing revealed the core goals were not intuitive enough. The key was to change both the background colors to black and use white contrasting text. Next, I placed a large pink button in the center of the bottom bar. It allows users to switch between the two core goals of the app, restaurant search and sushi knowledge. These changes improved the flow of the app immensely.


Website Design






UX/UI Design, conduct user research, create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, and prototype



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Post-it Notes