iamstanley.ai chatbot CASE STUDY

modern training in the art of cinematography

How might we improve the process of training amateur filmmakers in the art of cinematography?

The project was inspired from my graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. Our program had the pleasure of receiving a guest lecture from Stanley Kubrick’s producer, Jan Harlan. He gave an inspiring talk on Kubrick's creative process.

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The iamStanley.ai (code name) chatbot can conveniently operate within a messaging platform exposed as a conversational user interface. The user can subscribe to receive regular notifications for small snippets of training (videos, photos, etc.) on the basics of shot composition.



A major shift is occurring, for the first time ever people are using messaging apps more than they are using social networks. Therefore, the place to build online businesses are now inside messaging apps.



Chatbot Prototype Design



UX/UI Design, reserach, user flows, wireframes, and prototype




Bot Preview

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