Harajuku Moment Official Film


Harajuku Moment debuted very well at the TEDxOsaka 2011 event to applause from a packed house. I was very pleased by the response the film received and the discussions that it sparked afterwards. Enjoy the film and let me know what you think.

Harajuku Moment from David Simpson on Vimeo.

An English Professor working at a foreign language university goes through a transformative crisis when his outsourcing company terminates his contract prematurely. He has to find a way to move passed his dilemma.


This short was filmed at my university, various locations around Osaka, and my rooftop using the Canon DSLR Kiss X4 camera and edited with Final Cut Pro. The subjective camera angle in act two was used to show the actor’s mentally or unbalanced impressions; and also allowed me to get creative with cinematography and editing. I storyboarded most of the script and it was shot over about 4 days. The main cast member is a good friend of mine, a first time actor.

Writer / Director / Producer:

David Simpson

Cinematography and Editing:

David Simpson

 Main Cast:

Troy MacPhee

Special Thanks:

Lee Blois