How to Write Movies: 100 Bottles of Sake


Posted from: Filmmaker IQ

Success without stress is, in one sense, as foolish as the idea of weight loss without controlling your diet. However, the popluar saying "no pain no gain" is not always the case. I don't think we were all intended to suffer to gain our accomplishments in life. To rest on this type of thinking will guarantee yourself a lot of misery. I think you will have a far more enjoyable life and be a far more effective individual if you learn to mentally s-l-o-w yourself down enough to drink some SAKE and savor your experiences. Take a look at Yasujiro Ozu's movie making schedule below:

Typical Schedule:

Wake up early - take a bath

Breakfast - (3 bottles of sake)

Nap - unit 1:00pm

Walk - 2 hours in country side

Work 4 - 6 pm

Dinner - 1 hour

Work 8 -12 midnight (5 bottles of sake)

Eat and go to bed