Ridleygrams: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


Check out some of Ridley's artwork at 9:35~

One of Ridley's "Ridleygrams" from the production of Blade Runner .

Ridley Scott is one of the finest visual stylists in films. He was trained as a painter and art director, and is an established graphic designer. In the early stages of the production of Blade Runner, he communicated his ideas in sketches, which became known among stuff as “Ridleygrams”. He cites a variety of inspirations and influences for his visual style in Blade Runner, among them Hogarth drawings, “thirties” photographs, and the contemporary comic strip work of Jean Giraud (better known as Moebius)”. (from ‘Blade Runner Sketchbook’)

As filmmakers we always run in to the need to illustrator our ideas to get our points across, however if you are like me you are no Picasso. I used to consider myself absolutely useless at drawing.  Now I am drawing fairly decent storyboards that at least get my points across to my crew. Something that has greatly helped me in the improvement of my artwork is the book The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. It really shows you how to approach drawing from a new perspective. Betty Edwards made me realise it's all a matter of looking at things with loving attention (and not attaching a name to the bit you are drawing). Drawing is a skill that everyone can learn. Do it with this book!