Quick Tips for Getting Starting with the Canon 60D


When I first started messing around with DSLR cinematography I was using a Canon Kiss X4 or Rebel T2i. I just grabbed the camera and tried to make films, actually I made two films almost as soon as I took it out of the box, Harajuku Moment and Tomorrow's Joe. I thought that I would just kinda capture good film automatically. In some instances I did get lucky and snag a good shot or two but to be honest most of my footage came out pretty crappy. A large part of the reason for that was I didn't really know how to use the controls on my DSLR or have it set up right at all. Just recently I bought a Canon 60D so I went back to the drawing board to learn things right.

In the video above we see a very simple gudied explanation of  quick tips to get started with your Canon 60D. In fact I set up my camera the same way after watching a similar video a while back. Learning about the ins and outs of cinematograghy will alway be a non-stop process but videos like the above will certainly help make things easier.