Canon C300: Nino Leitner's Short Film and Review


13:59 from Mario Feil on Vimeo.

Check out Nino’s full review for more observations:

The Canon C300 has much to love, and very little not to like. Its biggest downside is clearly the lack of 10bit output, but I can count on one hands the times that I have really needed that.

Canon fulfilled most of my wishes here: - small form factor, light - no aliasing or moiré - increased light sensitivity - EF lenses on a proper camcorder, without the need of expensive adapters - 4:2:2 50MBit codec - proper batteries (they last FOREVER, we got almost 5 hours out of one of the big ones

I have already decided that this will be my future camera … it fits most of the jobs that I do and it ticks more boxes on my list than any other camera before.

Also, thanks to Peter Hainzl for this behind-the-scenes: