Nowhere Days Film Production


Synopsis: This story focuses on a designer experiencing a down turn in his creative ventures. He receives spontaneous inspiration from an unlikely place that helps him reignite his creative visions.

I thought this film would be a fun way to practice my filmmaking skills and promote my creative brand platform, Illectric Sheep, at the same time. This short film was done in part at the Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka and my apartment here in Japan. It was shot with the DSLR Canon 60D camera, sound was captured with the Zoom H4N recorder, and it was edited with Final Cut Pro. To help facilitate preproduction I used my iPhone to storyboard and prepare shots for the film. The main cast member is a good friend of mine, a first time actor.










Still Shot from: Nowhere Days Film Production

Writer / Director / Producer: David Simpson

Cinematography and Editing: David Simpson

Main Cast: David Byrne