Gareth Evans: How the Concept for 'The Raid' Developed?


A few nights a go I watched the critically and commercially successful movie “The Raid: Redemption,” which I mentioned in an early post. All I can say is it the best action movie I have seen in years. The story is rather simple, an elite team of 20 cops is sent in to an apartment block to bring down a ruthless warlord, however things go wrong and they find themselves in struggle for survival. The way they edited it and did the cinematography makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of the action. I totally recommended seeing this movie if you are into to a good action romp. The movie was shot and financed very cheaply in Indonesia. What is more fascinating is that is was written and directed by Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans. The below video is a must see for indie filmmakers as it details how he developed the concept for the Raid:

Here is the trailer for The Raid: Redemption (2012):