'Robbie': A Brilliantly Imaginative Short Film that Proves Narrative is the Key


Robbie, the short film by Neil Harvey is almost like a homage to Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey 2001. I think the film is brilliantly imaginative and done with a certain elegance. While empathizing for Robbie the film made me reflect on my own existence. The narrative was easy to follow but very moving at the same time. The whole film was done with found footage from the NASA archives. It just proves that narrative is the key to the film experience over all the other bells and whistles. All that takes is an editing system, the right composition of music,  and some imagination.

My Illectric Sheep site has it roots in sci-fi so this short film is something a little special for me. I find it super inspiring for my future projects.

From Harvey’s description on Vimeo:

Set 6000 years the future, Robbie charts the existential reflections of an aging robot drifting alone through space on the last of his battery life. The film-making process involved downloading about 10 hours of footage from the NASA archives and compiling a list of shots which resonated with me at some level. I did this over about 2 or 3 months when I had the spare time. From there, I put these selected shots on an editing timeline and watched them back until characters and narratives began developing in my mind. That is when i met Robbie.

Robbie - A Short Film By Neil Harvey from Neil Harvey on Vimeo.