The Story of Film: An Odyssey - Sublime Yasujiro Ozu


Mark Cousins, Donald Richie and Kyōko Kagawa discuss the life and films of the sublime Yasujiro Ozu. Award-winning film-maker Mark Cousins provides a worldwide guided tour of the greatest movies ever made and tells the story of international cinema through the history of cinematic innovation. He does a fantastic job at narrating this story and bringing it to life. As I get more into Japanese films I am starting to like a wide range including the contemporary and classic. From this short piece when can see that Ozu was in a class of his own we it came to being an Otaku.

The most challenging of the films were made by this gentle rebel who is buried in this grave outside Tokyo. People cross the globe as we did to get here. As you can see they leave whiskey and wine because the person who is lies here was a drunk. There is no name on the grave, no date of birth or death. Just the Japanese character '無常 mujō nothingness, the void. The man whose is buried here was kind of a philosopher but more importantly perhaps the greatest director who ever lived.

What were some of Yasujiro Ozu's technical and narrative innovations?

  1. Low Camera Height
  2. Ellipsis

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