Creative Career Advice: William Mcgreggor - How decisive actions can literally change your life?


Here Fidget Box, talks to William Mcgreggor, only 24, and already on his way to a promising career in the world of film. He admits there is no way to explain how fortunate he has been but what is certain is that one decisive action can literally change your life.

Fidgit with William Mcgregor from Fidgit Box on Vimeo.

My volunteer experiences organizing TEDxOsaka Conferences run parallel with what William is saying in this talk about getting out of your comfort zone. For years I kinda just stayed behind the safety of my computer and slowly worked away on Illectric Sheep. However, deciding to put myself out there and volunteer with related projects really made all the difference. The particular project (conferences, organizations, festivals, societies, seminars, etc.) you get involved with is not so important as long as it is interesting to you. The important thing is meeting up with like-minded people(on your level and above) that share your visions and struggles. Within these environments you will find collaborators and opportunities you never would of encountered in the safety of your home.

Take a look at one of Williams's sci-fi projects, Eradicate:

William is currently working on his first feature film, 'The Rising', amongst various other projects.

Keep up with what he's up to at the following link:

We would love to hear your feedback. Do you have any experiences leaving your comfort zone that have made a difference in your life?

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