In the Pines: A Thrilling Sci-fi Short Film with a Subtle Feel


This short film has been making the rounds on the festival circuit and receiving rave reviews. The film was written & directed by Zeek Earl & Chris Caldwelly. They put the focus on imagination over budget, a winning formula no matter what the size of the project. Check out the full film below: SYNOPSIS Simultaneously an exploration of nature and psyche, "In The Pines" is a short film documenting a young woman's hunt for extraterrestrial meaning. Following a mysteriously purposeful hike through the Olympic Mountains, this film roots itself in the Pacific Northwest. It delves deep into the texture of the scene by carefully playing with macro photography, resulting in the synchronized examination of character and setting. Part science fiction, part psycho-thriller, part poetry–all elements fuse together to create a memorable scene viewers will be eager to revisit.

In The Pines (Short Film) from Shep Films on Vimeo.

Check out their next upcoming project, Prospect:

PROSPECT: Concept Reel from Shep Films on Vimeo.

From their Kickstarter campaign page:

PROSPECT is an unusual coming-of-age story following a teenage girl and her father on a foreign planet as they hunt for resin, the valuable byproduct of rare insects. Inspired in part by the California Gold Rush, the film features a planet of desperate individuals seeking their fortunes, governed only by natural law. When the father is attacked by a roving bandit, the daughter must take vengeance.

Link: Shep Films