What is the Impact of the Digital Revolution? A Must Watch Documentary 'Press Pause Play'


The documentary has been circulating for sometime now but it is must watch. A fantastic look at where the world is headed in the midst of the digital revolution and it's impact on art and culture. It shades light on new hopes and strategies and also takes a look at the dark sides of the issue. The documentary is for anyone interested in the creative arts. Watch a wide range of insightful interviews and stories from musicians, film directors, digital media artists, etc.

PressPausePlay from House of Radon on Vimeo.

The Craft is Gone One of the most fascinating aspects the digital revolution is how it separated the creative process to an extent into knowledge of craft and creativity.

To be a good photographer before you had to know how to develop and print your own film and understand the way the camera worked. Now that doesn't matter. The same thing with music to be a great musician you really had to know how to play your instrument or you really had to know how all the technology worked. Now all you have to know is how to turn on a computer...


Link: Press Play Pause

Would love to hear your comments. How do you think the digital revolution will impact on art and culture?