Will there be another 'Rachel' in the Sequel to Blade Runner?


  Illsheep is not a movie update website, however, when it comes to certain movies such as Blade Runner(based on 'Do Androids Dream of Illectric Sheep?) we like to stay informed. So far Ridley Scott has mentioned talk of Harrison Ford possibly returning to the film and also the character of Rachel. Like many other fans of the movie the Rachel character is one of my favorite. In my opinion she definitely has that other worldliness about her fused with a chic noir style.

Blade Runner Love Theme Song:

This is what the Sean Young had to say about the character of Rachel returning to Blade Runner 2:

Well, I did meet with Alcon, the company that owns it and is planning to do the remake with Ridley. I did meet with them, but I think at that point they just wanted to meet me and I don’t think they have any plans of using any of the original people, although I can’t say for sure. I do think, let me just say it right here, I do think it would be a disappointment to the audience not to have Rachael in it but you know what, folks in Hollywood make mistakes all the time.

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What do you think? Should there definitely be another Rachel android character in Blade Runner 2?