KineRAW-MINI - 2K RAW Super 35mm Camera for Just Over $3,000


First, check out some new photos of the camera (thanks to Cinescopophilia for the heads-up):

Recently the camera world has been pumping out one new innovation after the other. So, along with the Black Cinema Camera and the Digital Bolex there is another camera in the same space. The Chinese company KineRaw just recently started shipping their KineRAW Super 35mm edition within China. In addition, now they have begun taking pre-orders for their more compact version, the KinRaw-Mini 2K RAW, which has the identical sensor as it's larger sibling. It is missing out on a few features like dual SDD card slots and Cineform. However, they have a couple of different versions which may fill those gaps.

Here are the specs on the camera:

Super 35mm CMOS Sensor 12-bit Uncompressed CinemaDNG (Cineform is optional to a recorder they don’t make yet) 2048 x 1080 // 1920 x 1080 // 1280 x 720 One 2.5″ SSD Slot ISO: 80-10,240 — Base of ISO 800 Dynamic Range: 11.5 Stops (up to 13 stops in log) Electronic Canon or Interchangeable Kinefinity Mount Monitoring: 720p with 2 HDMI Outputs No Fan or Phantom Power Audio Optional Handgrip with Battery Power Consumption: 8-10 Watts No On-board Monitor or LCD

Posted via: No Film School