Why I Cut Some of my Favorite Scenes?

The first part of editing is very tedious, it really just involves organization. Once you move past that point it is rough cut time. I was lucky enough to have two editors Martin and Anka, both are great. I began the project with Martin, he laid all the shots down all the shots according to the script for a rough version. The obvious tendency is to want to lay the story down in the sequence which has been burned into your head from the inception of project. However, you quickly realize the time for honesty has come. You have to evaluate the strength of actual footage that you have shot against the script you have poured your heart into. In other words, the task is to make something that still says your vision in most elegant way possible with what is in the can.

In my case the process of honest cutting came with the help of my editor and some great tutors we have at the Edinburgh College of Art. They basically helped me kill my babies which was not an easy task. Nonetheless, the whole process was very illuminating and tough at times. There were at least 3 scenes that we worked so hard on that we had to kill. The fact that my editor was not on set made him that much more objective about things to cut.