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Color Grading: A True Painter at Work

No film is complete without the color grading especially a Japanese supernatural film. I was lucky to have wonderful color grader, Jennifer Wagner from the Screen Academy Napier program. Jenny is a total artist and crafts person. When you are dealing with a person who really knows there work such as Jenny what I realized is you have to be able to communicate your vision. In other words, it is important to have sample photos and reference material on hand to explain your vision. Also, it is very important to remain open minded even though you may have planned suggestions. For example, I suggested the color palette from Valhalla Rising as I liked the earthy tones, and Jenny was all about the Godzilla style. Well, it wasn't too hard to convince me about my Japanese champion Godzilla. So, in the end we settled somewhere between the two ideas. So far everyone who has seen the grading work on the film had great things to say. I'm excited to show you Jennifer's work...