The Designer’s Guide to Ai — a $70 Billion Industry by 2020

As artificial intelligence gains popularity, designers will need to adapt. Here’s how to get started.

It seems like everyone wants to invest in artificial intelligence (AI). And it’s not just the tech giants: USAA is using AI to protect its users from identity theft and Under Armour has connected its health app, MyFitnessPal, to IBM Watson so users can get a more thorough read of their health.

AI is already a $15 billion dollar industry, according to the MIT Technology Review, with more than 2,600 companies developing their own tech, and the value of AI is reported to rise to over $70 billion by 2020. Because of AI’s business opportunities, hundreds of designers in digital agencies, people who were taught to create products and services that live on the Internet, are starting to build physical products that interact with us, respond to our moods, and make decisions for us. It’s a challenge that requires every skill they’ve learned, plus many they haven’t.