‘Mute’ First Trailer: Duncan Jones Goes Back to the Future For ‘Moon’ Spiritual Sequel

Duncan Jones is a director that I have followed since his directorial debut, Moon(2009). I have tried to take insight from Duncan's experiences to inform my path. Jones graduated from the London Film School in 2001 and then worked in advertising doing visually effects lead commercials. Duncan used these experiences to accurately project his visual effects visions, making his Moon film budgeted at around $5,000,000 look like it cost 10 times as much. He followed up with Source Code (2011) and the big budgeted, War Craft (2016). Now he is teaming up with Netflix to finally realize his story for Mute.

Enter Duncan's Jones Mute (2018):

The wait is almost over. Nearly a year after debuting first look photosDuncan Jones’ “Mute” is finally gearing up for release on Netflix and the first trailer is nothing short of a visual stunner. Jones himself has described “Mute” as “Blade Runner” meets “Casablanca,” and it turns out the director wasn’t kidding around. He’s also called the film a spiritual sequel to his indie hit “Moon.”

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“Mute” is set in futuristic Berlin and stars Alexander Skarsgard as a bartender who takes it upon himself to track down his missing girlfriend. His search takes him directly into the seedy criminal underbelly of the city. Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux co-star.

Netflix will debut “Mute” on February 23. Watch the first trailer below.