Event: What is the Blockchain Economy and Distributed Consensus?


Last week, here in Vancouver,  I had the pleasure of attending the What is the Blockchain Economy and Distributed Consensus? event hosted by Hive. Aviv Milner of Block Space, the presenter, touched on the topic of smart contracts in relation to DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) and the Stable coin as major force for innovation in the space. It was a stimulating event and a chance to meet many likeminded individuals in the Vancouver blockchain community.

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies taking over the news, there is more and more demand to understand the blockchain space, and yet a vast amount of misinformation has entered into common knowledge. How does it all work, what does it produce, and how can the average person, or customer benefit from the blockchain?


This short video presentation below may shed some light on the topic if you are interested in understanding the fundamentals of blockchain:


This next short video will explain the concept of smart contracts and what they are used for: