Stanley Kubrick: The Economical Structure of Commercials

"Is there ever going to be a way to connect the structure of a silent movie with the quick presentation of the ideal of a TV commercial? Maybe a poet has to do it because I don't know, a novelist will never do it, a playwright will never do it, and if you're not a writer, you'll probably never do it, but somewhere, somebody has to be able to take the wonderful, economical structure, possibility of the silent movie with the tremendous power that a good TV commercial can generate on a topic in 30 seconds...I still think this would be the most exciting thing that happened since whoever it was that cut the first two films together and realized you could have editing...You really need, like, a sort of editing of the mind, which hasn't happened. Just tell a story in a different way." 

                                                                                                                    - Stanley Kubrick