Special Projects

Canon 60D Test Footage


This is the first piece of footage I shot with my new Canon 60D. It is just test footage so there are many things to improve on. The location was Osaka Castle Park in Osaka, Japan. Shot with a Canon 50 mm 1.8 II lens at ISO 400. The thing the that probably went the best was the framing. With the 50mm prime lens it forces you to move your feet and look for proper shot composition.

Things to improve on:

In the last scene when the dude does the jump you can see missing frames or some choppy movement during the slow motion. I shot the footage at 30fps, for slow motion I should have used at least 60fps to make the image more smooth. Also had some issues with HD uploading so this is a very compressed version. Thus quality could be much better...

I absolutely love this hobby and trying to improve, however I'm quickly starting to find out it is pretty hard on the wallet.  A filmmaker friend of mine, Trip Nixon, wisely said:

Yeah...welcome to the money whirlpool. Once you find out that your hand shake makes it impossible to film anything worthwhile handheld...you will need a shoulder rig or a monopod....then when you realize your pans suck cause the head was too cheap, a good pan head...then when you get bored with only static shots/pans/ & Tilts...ugh....then you realize the audio is terrible and you can hear the lens moving, gotta get a hot shoe mic...yea...it keeps going

CELTA ECC – Phuket, Thailand

This video was shot on a whim using the little camera in my MacBook Pro notebook computer. It started with one interview as a joke and quickly progressed to a longer piece of work. It was shot while I was taking the CELTA course at their ECC Phuket, Thailand training center. It was a pleasure to learn and work with a bunch of great teachers from all overt the world. Lots of good memories...