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Skywalker Ranch: A Look at the Ultimate Otaku Crib


Star Wars blew me away when I was a kid(still does), The Battle of Hoth, one of my favorite scenes.

One of the major themes on this site is Otaku Lifestyle Design. We have to look no further than George Lucas and his Skywalker Ranch for envy and inspiration on how to put Otaku at the center of your life. A lot of people shit on George Lucas but I draw an enormous amount of inspiration from his accomplishments and how he has structured Lucas Film. Even the sale of his empire to Disney I think is good move as long as they maintain its integrity.

In today's world I don't think going out and shooting your films for pleasure and expecting to get paid for them is really gonna to support a sustainable lifestyle. I think you have to attack the OTAKU lifestyle from a number of different angles as George Lucas has(not that he had to worry after the success of a New Hope). First, he made his films and kept the rights for the collectibles. Then he used those revenues to finance the other films and build his empire into Lucas Arts (video games), Lucas Industrial Light and Magic (VFX work), Skywalker Sound, Lucas Animation, etc. For example, going forward I will be doing a number of things to share and maintain my lifestyle such as workshops, continuing to sell collectibles, freelance gigs for factual pieces, maybe iPhone apps, etc.

Anyway, the point of this post is I really just wanted to show you George's pimped out crib, Skywalker Ranch. This short piece was filmed by Philip Bloom, a UK director and cinematographer. I have recently been really getting into his site. He generates a lot good work and shares a lot of amazing stuff.

Skywalker Ranch from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Would love to hear your feedback. Do you have any ideas or experiences on sustainable ways to maintain your creative lifestyle?

Post via: Philip Bloom