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'Osaka 2019' Short Film Set to Blade Runner Dialogue Track

This short film was shot along the Dotonbori River side in downtown Osaka, Japan. Don't know about you guys but every time I walk by the this area I always get that futuristic impression so I decided to do something with my thoughts. It is set to the Blade Runner dialogue track, the scene when Deckard meets Rachel. I shot this film on my Canon 60D with the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 and the manual focus Nikkor 50mm 1.4. It was edited with Final Cut Pro. Some people have asked me what is the meaning behind this short piece. I guess that is up to you to figure out. Enjoy!

Osaka 2019 from David Stephen Simpson on Vimeo.

Would love to get your feedback and impressions on this piece?

Illectric Sheep Origins and Blade Runner "Tears in Rain"

Early prototype designs for my Illectric Sheep brand.

Is it possible to birth a creative brand from just an idea in my head?

Illectric Sheep started from very modest beginnings, with a question in my head.  At the time it just so happened my head was filled with Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.  I had been living in Japan for about a year or so at the time and I was also very influenced by what Nigo was doing with his brand, A Bathing Ape or BAPE. He basically reinvented the t-shirt by packaging the whole concept around a theme, connecting his fashions with a community of fans, and giving the whole thing a playful edge. At that time there was no Facebook or social networking so Nigo held his fan base together with t-shirt release parties presided over by hip DJs and guests. That inspiration got me thinking about what I could do with my imagination since I loved to be social and creative. I was at home in my bedroom late one night in Taisho, Osaka on November 5, 2005 and I had an insight. Is it possible to birth a creative brand from just a simple idea or theme in my head? I often have these nights when my mind tingles with crazy ideas that need to be expelled. I just finished reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick (basis for Blade Runner) and I loved the feeling and themes in the novel so I decided to connect my fate to it. Shortly after, while I was spinning some records I came up with the names Illectric Sheep/Illsheep. That was the beginning of my naive T-shirt business idea. To be continued...

In celebration of our latest milestone, over 200 facebook fans, I will leave you with one of my favorite scenes from Blade Runner.

Director Ridley Scott Teams up with TEDTalks


Illectric Sheep is proud sponsor for this year's up coming (an independently organized event). We have just recently confirmed our date (April 28th, 2012) and our venue in Cosmos Square. TEDTalks are becoming more popular everyday with regards to the craft of filmmaking, to learn more see our previous post.

A look back at our TEDxOsaka 2011 event:

Director Ridley Scott has been working on his newest sci-fi creation: Prometheus. To help promote it he has teamed up with TED to create a viral video, as the movie is based on ideas and what it means to be human, partnering with TED is a natural fit. The film's screenwriter, Damon Lindelof came up with the interesting idea of bringing to life a futuristic TED talk. He gets a man named Peter Weyland, who happens to be the CEO of Weyland Industries. to take the stage. This a fictional character, of course, played by Guy Pearce. The viral video was directed by Luke Scott, Ridley Scott's son.

Here is the trailer for Prometheus:

An excerpt from the Q & A with Damon Lindelof on the TED Blog:

The video has all these wonderful science fiction elements, floating cameras and such — was it different writing for an existing event than writing other sci-fi?

No, all scifi starts in some kind of grounded reality that seems familiar, and then the tornado comes and take you into Oz. I feel the same way about a TEDTalk. I know there was some discussion about what the scale of this was going to be. I think that it’s probably out there that TEDTalks are going to be happening in arenas and stadiums in 12 years, but we also thought that a guy like Peter Weyland — whose ego is just massive, and the ideas that he’s advancing are nothing short of hubris — that he’d basically say to TED, “If you want me to give a talk, I’m giving it in Wembley Stadium.” So, he could actually bend the idea of what a TEDTalk is to him. Could you get an arena-level crowd to show up and listen to someone talk about ideas? That to me was the cool step outside the realm that we’re all comfortable knowing. As an aficionado of TED itself and what TED does, I feel the intimacy is very important. I hope that in 2023 it’s still happening in Long Beach on a fairly intimate level, but those talks are available on a widespread basis. But it wouldn’t have been as cool to say, “In 2023, TEDTalks are going to look the same exact way that they do in 2012.”

This year I will host again for 2012. I would be so lucky to be a fraction as engaging as Mr. Peter Weyland...

Links: Peter Weyland: TED 2023

TED Blog Q&A with Damon Lindelof

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