Funny Japanese Commercials: Glico Company x Star Wars

Pocky, produced by the Glico Company, is a very popular brand of Japanese biscuit sticks with flavored coatings that has been sold since 1966. It comes in a large variety of flavors like chocolate, almond, strawberry, melon, banana, green tea, coconut and many others.

The latest release is a series of Star Wars-themed products that is hitting the shelves in Japan this week, and one of the highlights is the light saber-like giant Pocky sticks. And to promote these products, the company has made a series of commercials that show Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers visiting the Pocky factory in Japan.

Posted via: Twitch Film

Branded Film: The True Story of Panyee FC


They wanted to play soccer but had no place to play as they lived on a little island in Southern, Thailand. However, they didn't let that stop them. This the origin story of the of Thailand's Panyee FC. Since a friend put me on to it I have seen this inspiring film many times. Every time I watch it motivates me to keep dreaming and gives me vision about that type of branded films that I want to make as well. This film has very high production values with professional cinematography and sound. It also has a subtle way about it with a low key narrator and no cheesy moments, just straight up storytelling. The TMB Bank in Thailand used this film to launch their new brand slogan "Make the Difference." Enjoy and let us know what you think?