Konoyo Short Film Production Dairies

On Set Day #1 I arrived early around 8am in classroom location, we used the old library in the University of Edinburgh Geosciences building. I had bit of a nervous feeling in my stomach as this was the big day and really didn't know how it was all gonna to go. I hear wheels and footsteps getting closer coming from outside the classroom, in walks my production designers dragging a huge suitcase full of props. Immediately they diligently started rearranging desks and putting things in order. From there things began to get hectic with the entire crew arriving and soon after our 12 extras.

I can remember the elated feeling on the first take when I saw the camera roll across the dolly tracks as I peered into the monitor at the crisp image.I finally started to settle down after we got into a rhythm with the camera team and crew. Despite all the chaos going on around me I was very happy doing what I came here to do - direct. The Sushi arrived and I saw the whole team kick back and relax, it was also nice to see some of the extras mingling with the crew. Overall, the first day was a brilliant success.