kill bill

Kill Bill Vol. 1: Production IG's 'The Origin of O-Ren-Ishii' Anime Sequence


Production I.G. is a Japanese anime studio and production enterprise, which was founded on December 15, 1987. The letters I and G actually derive from the names of the company founders Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and popular character designer Takayuki Goto. They are well known for Patlabor, the Ghost in the Shell series, and the famous anime sequence in Kill Bill Volume 1. I thought it might be fun to recap the short Kill Bill animation sequence. This sequence shows a brilliant amount of creativity and talent. In my opinion this could branch off to become it's own independent story.

Anime scene from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill volume 1 (2003). This scene shows the early years of O-Ren Ishii aka Cottonmouth (Lucy Liu) and her rise to power in the Japanese underworld.

Link: Japan Cinema