Notes on Building the Ultimate Team


The Konoyo project really started the day I stepped on stage in front of the college and announced my idea to the student body. It was a very nerve racking day to say the least. There were probably over 200 people in attendance that included our peers, professors, and industry people. The format was simple: get on stage and pitch your idea and whoever is interested will ask to join - very much like the real world. Afterwards we had a reception party to mingle and talk to interested collaborators. I felt very privileged to have a high level of interest in my project. I think it helped that I pitched a Japanese supernatural genre project, which set me apart from the start. So I used my pitch/ concept to recruit, motivate, and build a skillful project team (first acid test for your idea). One of the most critical members of the team is the producer. My producer, Gianna Arni Andrea came on board a little later but as soon as she did the whole project really started to hum along. Gianna is super organized and really knows how to manage a team. The first thing she did was to create a private Konoyo Facebook group to communicate with our team.

Soon after we began have regular meets up at the college sometimes twice a week to discuss all aspects of production. In the end we had over 29 members on the production. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is put all your time and effort in to select a great team. In others, make sure they have experience or ability to do what you want do and that you get along with each other. My production team is the engine that makes the film hum and I owe a great debt of gratitude to all of them.