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'Osaka 2019' Short Film Set to Blade Runner Dialogue Track

This short film was shot along the Dotonbori River side in downtown Osaka, Japan. Don't know about you guys but every time I walk by the this area I always get that futuristic impression so I decided to do something with my thoughts. It is set to the Blade Runner dialogue track, the scene when Deckard meets Rachel. I shot this film on my Canon 60D with the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 and the manual focus Nikkor 50mm 1.4. It was edited with Final Cut Pro. Some people have asked me what is the meaning behind this short piece. I guess that is up to you to figure out. Enjoy!

Osaka 2019 from David Stephen Simpson on Vimeo.

Would love to get your feedback and impressions on this piece?

Film Production: Taeko Koji - The Girl with the Orange Hair


Taeko Koji is an interesting girl from Japan who has been pursuing her passion living in New York as a profession dancer. She has been living there since 2004 and has not looked back. In this short piece she is giving back by sharing her expertise at a workshop during a brief visit back to her home country of Japan. The music track is the single All Lies by Canadian producer Miles Jones. It is available now in the Japan iTunes store. Special thanks to Kiko "Sensei" at Odoriba Studios.

Directed by: David Simpson 'The Maker'

Nowhere Days Film Production


Synopsis: This story focuses on a designer experiencing a down turn in his creative ventures. He receives spontaneous inspiration from an unlikely place that helps him reignite his creative visions.

I thought this film would be a fun way to practice my filmmaking skills and promote my creative brand platform, Illectric Sheep, at the same time. This short film was done in part at the Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka and my apartment here in Japan. It was shot with the DSLR Canon 60D camera, sound was captured with the Zoom H4N recorder, and it was edited with Final Cut Pro. To help facilitate preproduction I used my iPhone to storyboard and prepare shots for the film. The main cast member is a good friend of mine, a first time actor.










Still Shot from: Nowhere Days Film Production

Writer / Director / Producer: David Simpson

Cinematography and Editing: David Simpson

Main Cast: David Byrne

Carpe Diem: Japanese Guest House Film Shoot


This film was created and produced by Lee Blois as a promotion video for the Japanese guest house, Carpe Diem here in Osaka. Miki, the guesthouse host was gracious as always and made us feel at home during the production. It was a pleasure to assist Lee on this film shoot. Lee is a bright guy so I learned a lot from his workflow and routine. In addition, he is a self educator who's passion for learning is an inspiration to all around him. However, in the end it just breaks down to two friends hanging out, having fun, and doing something they both care about. My role on this film included assisting on the camera with certain shots, setting up the equipment, and giving creative input in various places. See gear we used on this shoot.

Social Media is Trust: Hiro Shinohara on Illsheep TV


We sat down to talk with Hiro Shinohara, the founder of, a technology start up company here in Osaka, Japan. We discussed the value of social media and the future. Hiro believes the world will evolve into a trust economy based on social media infrastructure. Interview conducted by David Simpson of Illectric Sheep.

Creativity is Community: Lionel Heemskerk on Illsheep TV


Lionel Heemskerk Illsheep TV from David Simpson on Vimeo.

We had the pleasure of doing a short interview with Lionel Heemskerk. He is an international business student and an intern with We discussed community design, creativity, and variety of issues. He believes that creativity and community go hand and hand for the development of a social company. Interview conducted by David Simpson of Illectric Sheep.

Comment via Garr Reynolds:

Nice interview by David Simpson of my former student, Lionel Heemskerk, who is interning in Osaka. Lionel got his internship by going out and making connections - that's how it is done. Nothing comes to you, but you can go out and make it happen, this is especially true for internships in Japan.








'Tomorrow's Joe': Fight Night in Osaka


 Synopsis: This film takes a behind the scenes look at the young Japanese fighter, Hiroyuki Hisataka as he builds up to a world title-boxing match. He challenges Mexican fighter, Hugo Cazares for an official run at WBA World Super Flyweight Champion.

The film was inspired by my experience as a member of Atsumi Boxing gym and the popular Japanese manga, Tomorrow’s Joe featuring an underdog boxer. They gave me free access to capture behind the scenes and ring side footage. It was filmed on location at the Atsumi Boxing gym and the Osaka Arena. I used the DSLR Canon Kiss X4 camera and it was edited using Final Cut Pro.

Tomorrow's Joe Fight Night Osaka from David Simpson on Vimeo.

Harajuku Moment Official Film


Harajuku Moment debuted very well at the TEDxOsaka 2011 event to applause from a packed house. I was very pleased by the response the film received and the discussions that it sparked afterwards. Enjoy the film and let me know what you think.

Harajuku Moment from David Simpson on Vimeo.

An English Professor working at a foreign language university goes through a transformative crisis when his outsourcing company terminates his contract prematurely. He has to find a way to move passed his dilemma.


This short was filmed at my university, various locations around Osaka, and my rooftop using the Canon DSLR Kiss X4 camera and edited with Final Cut Pro. The subjective camera angle in act two was used to show the actor’s mentally or unbalanced impressions; and also allowed me to get creative with cinematography and editing. I storyboarded most of the script and it was shot over about 4 days. The main cast member is a good friend of mine, a first time actor.

Writer / Director / Producer:

David Simpson

Cinematography and Editing:

David Simpson

 Main Cast:

Troy MacPhee

Special Thanks:

Lee Blois