the age of personal branding

How might we build a creative practice around my personal brand and the stories that I want to tell?

Recently, through thought leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, I’ve been exposed to a new thesis: the mobile device is becoming the television and the television is becoming the radio. Illectric Sheep is my personal brand and I am using Gary's thesis to build a creative practice around it and the stories that I want to tell.

Illectric Sheep will produce meaningful piece of content, like a weekly/monthly show, something like a VLOG, as well as social content to accompany it. I believe the value in making an investment in building my personal brand will bring substantial return over the long term.


website HiFIDELITY design


The process began by framing the problem with a “how might we statement.” Next, I conducted research on thought leaders who were successfully executing personal branding online. Afterwards, I mapped the most suitable to my personal context. The data allowed me to create a primary user story, create wireframes, content design, a responsive website, and conduct usability testing.

The project provided some challenges, for example how to divide content between my personal brand and business efforts. Content design is a key variable in harnessing attention and providing value for my community.



Personal Branding Website Design






Conduct research, user story, create wireframes, content design, build responsive website, and usability testing




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