we have put together a team of professionals

from the Japanese film industry!

Cine Japan Summit is your ultimate "shortcut" to becoming a world-class
filmmaker. Get all the "secrets" from 9 of the best directors in the world...
right at your fingertips (from the comfort of your own home)!


Message from your curator

The Cine Summit is just like working “on set” with not just one – but NINE amazing directors. And you can experience all this from the comfort of your own home.

- David Simpson


Here are just a few of the secrets waiting for you inside CS5:

  • The simple system that lets you know exactly what your Client or Director wants you to shoot (eliminate the guess work and keep them happy!)

  • Uncover the obstacles that are getting in your way to shoot like the best.

  • The one simple “trick” to create amazing authentic skin-colors with inexpensive LED lights (say goodbye to LED green or magenta spikes forever!)

  • How to get the absolute best results with ANY crew (and having other departments making you look like a superstar) How to MacGyver any inexpensive gear and STILL create high-end images.

  • Say goodbye to overshooting! Know exactly what material you need every time you step on a shoot. (No more stress or wasted hours)

And much, much more!